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Protect Organizational Spend: safeguard working capital, detect supplier fraud and improve processes.
AP Forensics® is the leading accounts payable audit software that provides a superior ROI. Try it Today >

Visibility & Insight

In an environment of increasing
complexity, finance leaders
are struggling to get the
visibility into their
transactional finance needed
for effective governance.
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  Spend Protection
Leading organizations know
the importance of protecting
and reducing risks to their
assets, whether it be the
company reputation or its
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  Process Improvement
For finance departments under pressure to continually improve, the challenge
comes when the easy
fixes have been made
with automation.
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FISCAL Technologies
becomes SAGE X3 ISV Partner
Durham County, NC Chooses
FISCAL to Protect Public Spend
Raleigh, NC- March 30th, 2017 Raleigh, NC- March 10th, 2017
Forensic software group expands
reach to enterprise and mid-market
Local government turns to forensic experts to safeguard spend and protect against fraud
- Wednesday April 26th, 2017
Webinar: Reduce Financial Risk the BAE Systems way

Join sharedserviceslink and BAE Systems for a
webinar showcasing how this global aerospace,
defence and security company has taken a proactive approach to preventing fraud and payment errors… More >

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