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With vendor fraud figures on the increase, P2P departments increasingly find themselves on the front line of fraud detection and prevention. In this webinar, we will look at how and why vendor fraud occurs within the P2P life cycle and offer practical recommendations to reduce it. 

This free 45-minute session will focus on : 
  • How to identify types of supplier fraud 
  • Learning how to recognize the key red flags of supplier fraud 
  • 5 key activities to prevent P2P fraud 

Continuous controls monitoring (CCM) — the use of automated tools and practices to examine business transactions as they occur—was once just the remit of Internal Audit functions. Now CCM is accessible to Shared Service, Procure to Pay and Accounts Payable teams to help rapidly increase their value to the wider organization. 

In this session, we will examine three organizations-- a fast-growing manufacturing company, top performing city government organization, and progressive healthcare system and look at how continuous controls monitoring has raised the profile of the Procure to Pay as proactive partners of Internal Audit . 

Attendees of this session will be leaders in Finance wanting to: 
  • Understand the immediate benefits of CCM to their organization 
  • Learn specifically how CCM works, and how it elevates Procure to Pay to a value creation function 
  • Find out the key steps to evaluate whether you need CCM in your organization today 


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