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In an environment of increasing transaction complexity –- i.e. invoices received from numerous different sources such as e-invoicing, portals, EDI, paper, etc. and arm’s-length invoice processing in the form of outsourced or shared service finance centers-- finance leaders and managers are finding it increasingly difficult to get the visibility into their transactional finance needed for effective governance and risk management.

AP Forensics® allows finance professionals at all levels to obtain the all-important metrics that are vital for benchmarking and measuring performance, but which can often be in disparate sources or deeply embedded in software.  This increased visibility and insight particularly empowers P2P teams, finally giving them the tools and controls they require to protect organizational spend.

One of six modules in the AP Forensics® software suite, the Reporting Module is specifically designed to give P2P managers the at-a-glance information they need to direct the business, safeguard profits and protect its assets. 

Easy-to-use Reports

AP Forensics® provides over 80 ready-to-go reports and a high-level dashboard to give managers the insight they need to identify performance issues. 

Executive Summary

An executive summary provides a strategic look at several key metrics and charts designed to enable trend analysis, see the latest financial performance indicators or highlight areas requiring immediate attention.

Customized Dashboard

Users have the ability to customize their own homepage dashboard, selecting from a full range of key performance indicators for a personalized, at-a-glance overview of the most important P2P metrics affecting them individually or as a department.

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