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Learning And Development Opportunities


At FISCAL we understand the importance of providing opportunities to help team members continue to grow, expanding their skills and knowledge.  Additionally, our software developers appreciates that they are jointly responsible for their ongoing personal development and as a result are passionate about learning new skills and technologies.  One of the ways Fiscal supports employee development is by ensuring that the technologies we use are kept current, allowing us to take advantage of new features and providing the team with opportunities to keep their own skills up to date.

Working within an Agile framework, team members have the opportunity to select stories and tasks that interest them, allowing them to experience new technologies and expand their skill base.  When selecting tasks individuals are not constrained by their current skillset and are encouraged to broaden their experiences to gain exposure to our entire technology stack.  This approach benefits both the individual team member as well as the rest of the team.  Research tasks to scope future work are also added into the Sprints allowing the team to investigate new technologies and approaches that could be used to solve upcoming challenges and problems.

Our teams are focused on delivering Sprint goals, rather than individual objectives, encouraging the team to work together to achieve them.  The developers are highly collaborative in their approach, working jointly on solving problems, supporting each other to clear blocks and ensuring that the team is successful.  This approach provides plenty of opportunities for the team to share knowledge and benefit from each other’s experience.

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Meet the TeamMEET THE TEAM
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Technology stack and agile developmentTECHNOLOGY STACK AND AGILE DEVELOPMENT
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Learning and development opportunitiesLEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES
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