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Meet The Team


Dan - Chief Software Architect

Chief Software Architect

I joined FISCAL in 2017 to help architect and build a next-generation product, as that's one of my favourite things to do. I love programming, software design, solving problems, learning about new technologies, continuously refactoring code to make it simple and maintainable, and chocolate. A typical day for me is a mix of discussing ideas with our engineers, building features or prototypes for possible new directions, eating chocolate, deciding on architectural patterns and helping to plan our future work. I also wanted to work on Cloud-only modern software, where all customers can be upgraded to a new version in minutes, so there's no need to keep supporting old branches of code.

I was attracted to FISCAL by its open, flexible and Agile development process, its plentiful Lego and resident office Wookiee, and because it's great to be utilising the latest tech stacks, in a small engineering team where we can make such decisions quickly. We use .NET Core for our API and background services, and TypeScript and React for our UI (a rich single-page app), and we track the latest versions so we're never far away from the latest cool language features.

We're constantly looking for new tech that might enrich what we can offer our customers. And Iron Man's mask watches over our scrum board, and his eyes light up red if we break the build.


Craig - Product Owner

Product Owner

It’s my role to make sure that everyone gets a say in the development of the product. I listen to feedback and requirements from our customers, board members, sales team, and developers, to make sure that we’re doing the right work at the right time. Much of my time is spent breaking down requests in order to understand the real problems customers are facing, and working with our engineering team to design an appropriate solution. I’m also responsible for ensuring that the product has a consistent feel and user experience.

Coming from a background of being a developer, I’ve found it incredibly useful to speak directly to customers and other parts of our organisation, and try to make sure that knowledge and insights are shared between engineering and everyone else.


Tom - Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Since joining FISCAL from an unrelated background, I have been given the opportunities to use and develop my skills in the direction of my choice. I have received training in programming, statistics and finance, and now my work as a data analyst involves using my understanding of AI technologies and our data to create better predictive models. I work in a largely R&D capacity to explore how machine learning can be utilised to enhance our business and products, this allows me to work at the forefront of technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.


Focused on engineering projects and boasting wide-ranging expertise

Meet the TeamMEET THE TEAM
Building a career and shaping the future

Technology stack and agile developmentTECHNOLOGY STACK AND AGILE DEVELOPMENT
Fast, flexible and boldy breaking new ground

Learning and development opportunitiesLEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES
Driving forward the advancement of big name cross-industry companies

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