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Three-way matching – a false sense of security

Press Release | 21st September 2016

Reading, UK – 21st September 2016. Three-way matching, the most common method of safeguarding organisational payments, is too easily bypassed and doesn’t do enough to prevent fraud and overpayments, according to FISCAL Technologies, the world-leading provider of accounts payable forensic software.

The 40 year-old method of reconciling a purchase order, invoice and goods receipt note can easily be circumvented, either intentionally or unintentionally, FISCAL CEO David Griffiths explains in a recent blog post. For example, three-way matching can fail because of duplication, human input errors, frequent exceptions, supplier account errors and retrospective purchase orders, to name but a few reasons.

David Griffiths, FISCAL CEO, says: “Three-way matching is no longer a robust enough defence of organisational spend. Technology has changed the accounts payable process, and the safeguards must change to keep pace with new risks.

“The sophistication of fraud schemes within such a complex environment, and the sheer velocity of invoice processing, means that three-way matching is a useful baseline control process, but it should not be relied on wholly to prevent fraud, errors and overpayments.”

Read David’s full post on the failings of three-way matching here.

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About FISCAL Technologies:

FISCAL Technologies is the leading provider of forensic solutions that empower purchase-to-pay teams across the globe to protect organisational spend.

Incorporating unique technology to reduce risk in the supply chain, FISCAL solutions are used on a continuous, preventative basis to protect supplier spend, defend against fraud, increase profitability and drive process improvement.

Since 2003, FISCAL has safeguarded hundreds of millions of payments and is now relied on by over 250 leading organisations.

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