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Hidden Risks - What's Next For Accounts Payable?

Hidden Risks - What's Next For Accounts Payable?

Once your AP risk management strategy is up and
running, what you need to do next? What is your
strategy for improving your protection against the
less-well understood risks that lurk just below the
surface? Risks, and their costs, come in many
shapes and sizes.

During this on-demand webinar, we will look at:

- The risk you should have covered already
- The hidden risks you probably aren't addressing
- The impact and knock-on effects of these
- How to identify and protect against these less-visible 

Using real world examples from our 16 years of
experience, we will give you the tools needed to
increase your risk protection from the first to second
level. Look out for our final webinar in this series
that addresses the complex risks in AP / P2P.

Ray Welsh, Head of Product Marketing 

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