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Customer Success Stories

FISCAL’s solutions are used proactively by leading organisations around the world, across all industry sectors and in both public and private enterprises. Our unique, industry-leading software provides purchase-to-pay (P2P) teams with the visibility and insight they need to cut costs, reduce fraud and safeguard valuable working capital, protecting them from a wide range of risks and errors that occur in almost every stage of the P2P process.


At FISCAL we recognise the increasing demands on finance teams, particularly in the business world, to constantly do more with less. That’s why we strive to deliver world-class software that provides immediate return on investment and consistently helps companies to increase their AP control, reduce risk and fraud, raise profitability, support compliance and help identify process improvements.

FISCAL cases study US corporate

Global Clothing Manufacturer
A global clothes manufacturer was looking for a systematic way to monitor their payments. Through AP Forensics®, they freed up their AP team from manual audits and greatly improved their security against incorrect or fraudulent invoices.

FISCAL case study UK corporate

Large Multi-Channel Retailer
This large multi-channel retailer wanted a way to detect invoice and payment errors, as well as protect their financial operations and ease the transition during an ERP upgrade. In addition to identifying potential over-payments, AP Forensics pinpointed the main issues within the retailer’s processes, prompting improvements.


FISCAL has worked with government agencies for more than a decade, developing a deep understanding of the needs of government-based accounts payable teams, who have an accountability to the communities they serve to deliver real value. The immediate return on investment delivered by our software, and the support we provide in helping to increase their control and improve their internal processes, have helped many government organisations to deliver real efficiency gains. FISCAL's solutions are used proactively by over 80 government organisations.

FISCAL case study local council England

Local UK City Council
This large local UK city council wanted to proactively prevent over-payments rather than have to detect and then recover them. AP Forensics enabled the council to implement daily preventative checks, providing real- time auditing of the various interface and payment files before they were posted for payment.

FISCAL case study local council Scotland

Local Scottish City Council
This local Scottish City Council implemented AP Forensics to bolster their preventative controls and increase visibility into their transactions to uncover fraud and payment risks. They continue to derive real, bottom-line value from the software through constant monitoring of payments.

Public and Private Healthcare   

Against a backdrop of static or declining budgets, changing legislation and the constant threat of fraud, healthcare organisations around the world are under increasing pressure to deliver both high-quality healthcare and value for money to their local communities. These organisations are continually seeking to achieve greater efficiencies and eliminate waste and unnecessary losses wherever possible. Over 100 leading public and private healthcare organisations now rely on the AP Forensics suite to help them pinpoint potential errors and fraud before the payment run and reduce their reliance on after-the-fact, external auditing to recover erroneous payments.

FISCAL case study US healthcare

US Healthcare Provider
This rapidly expanding US healthcare provider turned to AP Forensics when their increasing invoice volume became overwhelming. They used the automated monitoring of payments to reduce the workload and facilitate their own in-house audit capability, saving thousands in the process.

FISCAL case study UK healthcare

University Hospitals Trust
This major University Hospitals NHS Trust recognised that their AP systems and processes were allowing some incorrect invoices to slip through undetected. Since selecting AP Forensics, the Trust has saved several times the cost of the software and put the AP team in direct control of payment issues and processes.

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