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Time to Boost your Procure-to-Pay Effectiveness 
Using technology to identify and improve P2P effectiveness, our customers review all payments daily, reviewing, approving and dismissing payments from actionable transaction analysis. NXG Forensics delivers actionable insight ...
3-Way Matching - The Weak Link in P2P  
Almost all companies use some form of three-way matching, but no company should be using it exclusively to prevent fraud and overpayments. Although effective as a first line of defence, ...
Hidden Risks across P2P – The Devil is in the Detail 
Using NXG Forensics our customers have both increased capacity and refocused the resources to work on higher value activities. They undertake daily transaction analysis, highlighted through our extensive range ...
Touchless AP Feeding The Fraud Beast 
Nobody wants to believe that they are still processing errors, especially after major investment in finance systems. However, no organisation can fully safeguard their profits, unless they continuously monitor ...
Finance Fraud – Opportunistic Or Designed To Deceive? 
Nobody wants to believe that they are at risk of fraud, that their processes, systems and governance cannot safeguard their profits, however, invoice fraud is becoming a lucrative industry, today’s ...
Are You Underestimating The Total Impact Of P2P Risks? 
Duplicate payments – just a nuisance, right? Wrong. The knock-on effects from the seemingly small fraud, risk, inefficiencies and compliance issues compound to create costs that concern every level of the finance ...
Becoming a top league performer by intelligently augmenting Financial Operations 
Every week I interview entrepreneurs and experts from around the world to share their big idea about new forms of value creation.
Audit: Closing the door after the horse has bolted? 
It is a truth universally acknowledged*, that resolving a problem early in a process is very much cheaper than at the end of the process.
7 Ways to Protect P-card Spend 
Losing Sleep - CFOs Inundated With Risk 
The Tidal Wave of Automation and Its Implications for Purchase-to-Pay 
Five Procure-To-Pay Risks Every CFO Needs To Manage 
Benchmarking Purchase-to-Pay Success  
How can you stop employees stealing?  
3-way matching #FAIL  
Transactional Visibility: A Key Issue Confronting Finance Professionals 
Face to Face with David Griffiths, CEO at FISCAL Technologies  
Customer Feedback? We’re all ears! 
Using Customer Feedback to Improve Your Software
Why are there still not enough women in the technology sector? 

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