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Duplicate Payments Software | Recovery and Analytics


FISCAL provides two services geared to recovering payments from historical transactions, depending on the degree of involvement required for the actual recovery process.

Both services are underpinned by AP Forensics®, the most robust, sophisticated forensic auditing software available in the industry today and then we offer you this software solution upon completion of the project, pre-loaded with your historical data and its rich reporting capabilities.

So, you benefit from a solution provider that not only uses innovative, industry-leading, proprietary software as the foundation of their services, but also provides you with an ongoing solution that gives you the visibility and extra controls required to reduce risk and protect spend independently.




Provides an on-site forensic consultant to work alongside the organization’s trained AP or P2P staff. The consultant will run AP Forensics with live client data and will provide insight and transfer knowledge to get the best out of the results.

Information is then updated within the AP Forensics software itself to produce the management information needed for ongoing process improvement and vendor management.

The benefits:

  • Onsite forensic consultant
  • Full Risk Review at project outset
  • Advice on how to proceed with recovery


A dedicated forensic consultant works with the full cooperation of the P2P team and utilizes the extensive capabilities of AP Forensics to first identify and verify payment errors within historical data.

Once the data has been processed and the results have been ranked by value and risk category, the consultant engages discreetly with the organization’s vendors to complete the investigation and recover funds on the client’s behalf.

With the recovery process completed, the analysis is fed into the software to ensure meaningful information is retained within the organization.

The benefits:

  • On-site forensic consultant
  • All results fed into online reporting tool
  • Emphasis on protecting supplier relationships during recovery

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